Welcome to Hailey & Mags TIle, a division of Rocky Point Tile.

Our storey starts 7 years ago with a 10' x 20' self storage locker, the support of my beautiful wife Mags, and a fathers love for his newly born daughter Hailey!

We first started selling tile online and still do through our parent company rockypointtile.com! We started importing small amounts of glass tiles and mosaics which we kept in our small storage space. I worked from home spending endless evening hours printing shipping labels and creating online marketing campaigns. It sure was a bit messy at first, but with some luck and hard work things really started to take off! Soon we had 2 storage lockers and then a third! Soon it was time to move into an actual warehouse! Boy did we ever feel like we were high rollers when we had internet, tile, and a washroom all under one roof! What a change. We weren't finished growing yet! We eventually had to move into a larger warehouse to accommodate all the beautiful product we keep discovering through our world travels. And finally, here we are in our brand new Port Coquitlam space! When we moved into the unit it was an empty shell! That's right, back to no washroom again, but only temporarily. With hard work and a vision we've proudly built a 1000 second floor showroom in our new unit! It's been a huge accomplishment to come this far! We're the tile company you've probably never heard of, but we've been quietly building our business online for the past 7 years with over 1000 feed backs combined through popular online market places like Houzz, Amazon, and eBay!

I could never have come this far without the support of my loving wife Mags and daughter Hailey. And for that reason our new showroom Hailey & Mags is born! We're located in Port Coquitlam at 1140 - 585 Seaborne Avenue. Our showroom includes everything from mosaics, walls tiles, marble, floor tiles, and even luxury vinyl flooring. We also, proudly display our very own Hailey and Mags brand tiles. We're proud to call Port Coquitlam our new home to our showroom and we welcome you to come down and visit our showroom in person!

Colin Wharton
Hailey and Mags Tile

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